On the Web and in SEO

It's not how you play the game. It's whether you win or lose.

Welcome to Pixel Razor. We're a cutting edge seo, online marketing, graphic design, and web design firm. We're in business to increase the quality of your brand and make your business more competitive. That's our job, period. More sales, more traffic, more conversions.

New Customers

We only take customers who's goals are to grow in their industry. We don't take many new customers, but once you are a customer you absolutely will increase your traffic, better your brand, and attract more customers. There are plenty of mediocre web design and seo companies out there for the average business to have, basically, an online business card. If this is your goal, we apologize, but we're not the right company for you.

What are your goals?

Do you want a just website, or a beautiful website that performs, attracts customers organically, and converts visits to customers?

We create winning websites.

Design matters. - a cheap website or logo makes your business look cheap.

Code quality matters - you wouldn't believe the amount of websites out there that fail standard website validation rules set up by the world wide web standards organization.

Top ten rules don't work for SEO anymore - search engine optimization isn't just slapping keywords onto a page anymore. Anyone who tells you it is, doesn't know what they're talking about. It's a strategic site wide plan that takes quality code, keyword balancing, quality unique content, and merge them into one solid optimized Google machine.

Your website portrays the quality of your business online. You aren't able to say a word to the potential customer before they make a decision about your business. What is your website saying about your business?

  • Our company hired the cheapest web company out there?
  • Our company spends more money on pens per month than we do on our website?
  • Our company got the neighborhood middle school geek to design our website?
  • We don't really care enough about our image to hire a professional firm for our website!

Don't be that company. Make your company stand out amongst a sea of mediocrity. SHINE. We can help you.