The Watered Silk Collection

Watered Silk porcelain tile offers an elegant design boasting graceful tone-on-tone movement. Italian-made, this soothing color-body porcelain is an upscale reflection of monochromatic colors with distinctive veining. Choose from five modern colors in an 8"x24" plank with a semi-polished (lappato) surface or a 12"x24" format in either matte or lappato. Accent your residential or commercial space with a coordinating 2"x2" mosaic or 3-D Muretto accent.

Tile Sizes

antracite lappato 282393 antracite lappato
avorio lappato 282391 avorio lappato
beige lappato 282394 beige lappato
grigio lappato 282390 grigio lappato
taupe lappato 282392 taupe lappato
antracite lappato 282388 antracite lappato
antracite matte 282383 antracite matte
avorio lappato 282386 avorio lappato
avorio matte 282381 avorio matte
beige lappato 282389 beige lappato
beige matte 282384 beige matte
grigio lappato 282385 grigio lappato
grigio matte 282380 grigio matte
taupe lappato 282387 taupe lappato
taupe matte 282382 taupe matte
2x2 mosaic
antracite 282400 antracite
avorio 282398 avorio
beige 282401 beige
grigio 282396 grigio
taupe 282399 taupe
caldo mix 282403 caldo mix
freddo mix 282402 freddo mix
12X24 muretto 3D mosaic
antracite 282407 antracite
avorio 282405 avorio
beige 282408 beige
grigio 282404 grigio
taupe 282406 taupe
2.75x24 bullnose
antracite lappato 282590 antracite lappato
antracite matte 282585 antracite matte
avorio lappato 282587 avorio lappato
avorio matte 282581 avorio matte
beige lappato 282589 beige lappato
beige matte 282583 beige matte
grigio lappato 282586 grigio lappato
grigio matte 282580 grigio matte
taupe lappato 282588 taupe lappato
taupe matte 282582 taupe matte

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Sizes Available 8x24, 12x24, 2x2 mosaic on 12x12 sheet, 3D mosaic on 12x24 sheet, 2.75x24 bullnose
Material Porcelain
Thickness 10.2 mm
Wear Rating 5 - Walls + Residential / Commercial Floor Applications
Shade Variation V3
Frost Proof Yes
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction 0.59 (Matte Only)
Country of Origin Italy
Additional Information Per ANSI standard A108.02,, joints on tiles longer than 15" should not be staggered more than 1/3 the length of the tile.

Performance Data

Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 ≤ 0.5%
Deep Abrasion ISO 10545-6 <175
Abrasion Resistance ISO 10545-7 5
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 > 35 N/mm2
Dimensions Range ISO 10545-2 Conforms
Chemical Resistance - Household Chemicals ISO 10545-13 GA/GLA
Thermal Shock Resistance ISO 10545-9 Resists
Crazing Resistance of Glazed Tiles ISO 10545-11 Resists
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction AcuTest 0.59
Frost Resistance ISO 10545-12 Frost Proof
Resistance to Stains ISO 10545-14 Class 5


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