The Somerset White Collection

A clean and consistent white polished marble with a unique crystalline structure.

Tile Sizes

3x9 300404 3x9
4x12 300405 4x12
12x12 300407 12x12
12x24 300409 12x24
6x24 300406 6x24
2x2 mosaic 300410 2x2 mosaic
basketweave mosaic 300413 basketweave mosaic
1x3 herringbone mosaic 300412 1x3 herringbone mosaic
2.5x2.5 hexagon mosaic 300411 2.5x2.5 hexagon mosaic
	1.375x12 chair rail 300414 1.375x12 chair rail
.625x12 pencil 300415 .625x12 pencil


Sizes Available 3x9, 4x12, 6x24, 12x12, 12x24, hexagon mosaic on 11.22x12 sheet, herringbone mosaic on 12x12 sheet, basketweave mosaic on 12x12 sheet, .625x12 pencil, 1.375x12 chair rail
Material Marble
Finish Polished
Wear Rating 8 - Customer Determines Use
Shade Variation V3
Country of Origin Turkey
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