The Shimmer Collection

Best Tile's exclusive Precious Gems Collection, Shimmer, will add a little pizzazz to any room and make it come alive. A metallic finish is applied to the back of the glass tile creating a striking, shimmery effect that glistens in the light. Available in various color options, Shimmer glass tile consists of a 2” x 8” mesh-mounted gloss field tile with a coordinating textured herringbone mosaic tile, chevron mosaic tile, and glass liner. Also available in two color blends in a herringbone mosaic tile format. Shimmer glass tile will accentuate any wall inside your home, including showers.

Tile Sizes

2x8 Glossy
crystal 295145 Crystal
silk 295146 Silk
quartz 295147 Quartz
greige 295148 Greige
silver 295149 Silver
cobalt 306778 Cobalt
2x8 Frosted
crystal 306772 Crystal
silk 306773 Silk
quartz 306774 Quartz
greige 306775 Greige
silver 306776 Silver
cobalt 306779 Cobalt
3x6 Hexagon Glossy
crystal 310585 Crystal
silk 310586 Silk
quartz 310587 Quartz
greige 310588 Greige
silver 310589 Silver
cobalt 310591 Cobalt
Herringbone Glossy/Frosted
crystal 295176 Crystal
silk 295178 Silk
quartz 295179 Quartz
greige 295180 Greige
silver 295181 Silver
Herringbone Glossy
dusk 295245 Dusk
glow 295246 Glow
Chevron Glossy
crystal 305233 Crystal
silver 305234 Silver
myst 305236 Myst
cobalt 305235 Cobalt
titanium 305237 Titanium
silk 295240 Silk
quartz 295241 Quartz
greige 295242 Greige
silver 295243 Silver
myst 306547 Myst
cobalt 306546 Cobalt
.625x11.75 Liner Frosted
quartz 306782 Quartz
greige 306783 Greige
silver 306784 Silver
cobalt 306786 Cobalt


Sizes Available 2x8 mosaic, .375x1.875 herringbone mosaic on 11.188x12 sheet, .5x2.875 herringbone mosaic on 11.75x12.75 sheet, .625x11.75 liner, .1875 x 2.9375 chevron mosaic on 12.9x10.9 sheet
Material Glass
Wear Rating 1 - Wall Applications Only

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