The Sandgate City Scape Collection

Sandgate City Scape by Questech is an American-made cast metal tile collection available in three distinct design aesthetics. Choose from a Burnished, Hammered, or Water effect for a unique spin on modern elegance. Available in multiple linear formats with coordinating bullnose trim, Sandgate City Scape is suitable for residential and light commercial applications. Select from rich metallic tones to liven up your living space.

Tile Sizes

4x8 Water Eggshell
brushed nickel water 271482 Nickel
bronze water 271486 Bronze
gold water 271484 Gold
iron water 271487 Iron
brushed nickel hammered 271446 Nickel
bronze hammered 271452 Bronze
copper hammered 271444 Copper
iron hammered 271448 Iron
brushed nickel burnished 271324 Nickel
bronze burnished 271331 Bronze
gold burnished 271333 Gold
iron burnished 271335 Iron
copper burnished 271332 Copper
dark oil rubbed bronze burnished 271403 Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze
4x12 Water Eggshell
brushed nickel water 271483 Nickel
bronze water 271467 Bronze
gold water 271485 Gold
iron water 271470 Iron
brushed nickel hammered 271434 Nickel
bronze hammered 271438 Bronze
copper hammered 271435 Copper
iron hammered 271437 Iron
brushed nickel burnished 271306 Nickel
bronze burnished 271307 Bronze
gold burnished 271309 Gold
iron burnished 271310 Iron
copper burnished 271308 Copper
dark oil rubbed bronze burnished 271401 Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze
2x18 Water Eggshell
brushed nickel water 271476 Nickel
bronze water 271479 Bronze
gold water 271477 Gold
iron water 271481 Iron
brushed nickel hammered 271431 Nickel
bronze hammered 271433 Bronze
copper hammered 271430 Copper
iron hammered 271432 Iron
brushed nickel burnished 271292 Nickel
bronze burnished 271293 Bronze
gold burnished 271301 Gold
iron burnished 271304 Iron
copper burnished 271294 Copper
dark oil rubbed bronze burnished 271379 Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze
4x18 Water Eggshell
brushed nickel water 271473 Nickel
bronze water 271478 Bronze
gold water 271475 Gold
iron water 271480 Iron
brushed nickel hammered 271439 Nickel
bronze hammered 271442 Bronze
copper hammered 271440 Copper
iron hammered 271441 Iron
brushed nickel burnished 271360 Nickel
bronze burnished 271361 Bronze
gold burnished 271363 Gold
iron burnished 271364 Iron
copper burnished 271362 Copper
dark oil rubbed bronze burnished 271402 Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze
12x18 Water Eggshell
brushed nickel water 271469 Nickel
bronze water 271472 Bronze
gold water 271471 Gold
iron water 271474 Iron
brushed nickel hammered 271420 Nickel
bronze hammered 271429 Bronze
copper hammered 271419 Copper
iron hammered 271421 Iron
brushed nickel burnished 271256 Nickel
bronze burnished 271257 Bronze
gold burnished 271288 Gold
iron burnished 271289 Iron
copper burnished 271271 Copper
dark oil rubbed bronze burnished 271366 Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze
1x18 Water Bullnose Eggshell
brushed nickel water 271455 Nickel
bronze water 271460 Bronze
gold water 271457 Gold
iron water 271464 Iron
brushed nickel hammered 271416 Nickel
bronze hammered 271418 Bronze
copper hammered 271409 Copper
iron hammered 271417 Iron
brushed nickel burnished 270889 Nickel
bronze burnished 270931 Bronze
gold burnished 271252 Gold
iron burnished 271255 Iron
copper burnished 271227 Copper
dark oil rubbed bronze burnished 271365 Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze

Tile Design Ideas


Sizes Available 4x8, 4x12, 2x18, 4x18, 1x18 bullnose
Material Cast Metal
Finish Unglazed
Wear Rating Burnished & Water: 4 - Walls + Residential / Most Commercial Floor Applications; Hammered: 3 - Walls + Residential Floor Applications
Shade Variation V1
Frost Proof No
Country of Origin USA

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