We know the aviation industry is small, and word spreads fast (good or bad!). Which is why we work diligently to keep up our excellent reputation. The testimonials below are actual comments from some of our satisfied customers. If you would like to include a comment of your own, please use the "Post a Testimonial" feature at the bottom of the page.

Melissa Pemberton

I first met the crew from Sarasota Avionics at an airshow and instantly got along with them! If you take the time to visit their booth at Oshkosh or Sun’n Fun, you will have the chance to learn what real customer service is about. They installed the best panel for me that any aerobatic airplane has ever seen, and used space that I didn’t even know existed in the Edge!

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Patty Wagstaff

As you might guess, I’m a demanding customer. Let me give you an example. I was recently ferrying the Extra over a remote Mexican jungle miffed that my Sat weather wasn’t working. From the cockpit I sent a text message to my friends at Sarasota Avionics explaining the problem and got an immediate text back saying they would look right into it. You could say that pretty well re-defines the term “Customer Service!” Of course, while I can’t promise that every transaction with Sarasota will come with a text message option, I’ll bet if you meet the guys at the Sarasota Avionics booth and get to know them, you might get the same great service.

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